• Holiday Exchange Coop
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    The monopolistic practices that are taking place in the Home Exchange market have destroyed the spirit of cooperation and fellowship that were hallmarks of the home exchange. We are creating a cooperative home exchange service that directs surplus proceeds to support social and environment projects around the world.
    We want to be the Home Exchange Platform for housing coops, co-housings, ecovillages and more! Lets other people live and understant how it is to live in a community!

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    Everybody can participate!

    Scope: International
    Type of initiative: Alternative and Innovative practice
    Main activity area: Accommodation
    Where is the initiative located?: Online
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    Right now it is an Association willing to be a Coop. The new cooperative will promote responsible tourism and help spread housing coops.
    Whatever you can do to help us doing that, is good. Right now, you can help including your house profile and exchanging, or telling others to do it. Or, if you can, puting some money to pay the site. Right now we pay 150 euros a month. And we are 15 people. So we put 10 euros a month. The more we are, the less we will pay.

    Start Date: 06/01/2020 - 00:00
    End date: Wednesday, December 1, 2038 - 00:00