Pais: Coreia do Sul
    Cidade / subúrbio: Andong-si, Gyeangsangbuk-do,
    Missão / resumo:

    The main goal of the OIKOTREE community is to challenge and resist militarized economic globalization through struggles for transformative systemic change and a commitment to the promotion of lived out life enhancing alternatives of caring economies in communities. The struggle toward this goal is inspired by a faith – based imperative of God’s call to justice for those who are impoverished and marginalized by systemic injustice in the economy; and God’s call to seek justice and care for the Earth ‘groaning in pain’ due to human activity. OIKOTREE and other social movements that connect with these ecumenical efforts are key bridge builders to deeper social analysis, activism, solidarity, partnerships and people’s struggles.
    Vision: “Envisioning a world of justice and life-flourishing Communities and caring our Earth”.
    Mission: “Promoting and living out life flourishing alternatives in communities”

    Atividades principais: Social Inclusion, Social justice, Solidarity economy, Technology, Territorial development, Young People, Other/s
    Tipo de organização: Collective, Other
    Escala de ação: International
    Outra(s) atividade(s):

    Artificial Intelligence, Fourth Industrial Revolution, COVID 19 Pandemic

    Telefone: +82 (0)10 3039 5703

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