• Campaign of Campaigns
    Pais: México
    Missão / resumo:

    The Civil Society Group on Financing for Development and the Women’s Working Group on Financing for Development call for a Campaign of Campaigns to galvanize our collective efforts to address the multiple crises humanity is facing nowadays.

    We are in the midst of critical health and humanitarian crises leading to an economic recession and furthering even more the environmental emergency. The urgency to act collectively is more relevant than ever. Despite the urgency, and due to the very harsh conditions the global crisis is imposing, civil society and social movements are working in silos. Now more than ever there is an opportunity to act collectively, to call on governments and international institutions for radical action.

    Atividades principais: Advocacy, Feminism, Finance, Food sovereignty, Gender equity, Global relations, International, Social economy, Social Inclusion, Social justice, Trade, Women
    Tipo de organização: Multi-stakeholder Members
    Escala de ação: International
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