• Ensuring social and ecological justice in climate frameworks
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    Data: 01/30/2021 - 11:30 UTC
    Duração : 120 min

    The increased frequency and intensification of natural disasters affects the most vulnerable and marginalised communities disproprtionately. Yet, climate policies and programmes do not address their precarity in any substantial manner. The pandemic has worsened the situation, and further reduced state capacities to respond in many countries. During this session, panellists will reflect on the differentiated impacts of climate change induced disasters on the most vulnerable populations and strategies for inclusive and just climate repsonse.

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    Tópico(s): Climate action, Ecology, Environmentally sustainable, Human rights, Indigenous peoples, Natural environment, Natural resources, Sustainable Development Goals
    Espaço(s) temático(s) da atividade: Clima, ecologia e ambiente
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