• Miradas, voces y prácticas de las y los zapatistas; Zapatista Visions, Voices and Practices
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    Data: 01/30/2021 - 01:00 UTC
    Duração : 120 min

    In this roundtable, Zapatistas and their supporters will present the visions, trajectories and challenges of the Zapatistas in over three decades of indigenous organizing, caracole construction, and management of the commons. In particular, their current struggles in the face of the pandemic, extractivism, developmentalism, and divide and rule. The caracoles of good government are not just a form of government in building autonomy and self-reliance, with remarkable achievements in health, education, and livelihood, but the practice of different ways of life, of community relations, with different values and cosmologies, fostering hope for humanity.

    Moderators: Gustavo Esteva
    Speakers: Alejandra Jiménez, Mariana Mora, Claudia Yadira, Jorge Santiago, Gilberto López y Rivas, and David Barkin.

    Idioma(s) da atividade: Espanhol, Inglês
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    Tópico(s): Indigenous peoples
    Espaço(s) temático(s) da atividade: Povos indígenas e originários
    Eixo transversal da atividade: Racismo, Gênero, Pandemia