• The online future of the WSF? Organizing social forums before, during and after the pandemic
    Data: 01/29/2021 - 20:00 UTC
    Duração : 120 min

    How has the World Social Forum process responded to the challenges of COVID-19? In a somewhat paradoxical way, the forced digitalization has given a dynamic boost to the process. Its International Council has encountered new energies. Various meetings with social movements and with thematic, national and regional social forums have been organized. What have we learned? What does this "digital leap" mean for the future of the forum? What aspects of online organizing will be maintained when then pandemic is gone?

    The conversation will be initiated by Rita Freire (São Paulo), Carminda Mac Lorin (Montreal), Giuseppe Caruso (London), Pierre George (Paris), Teivo Teivainen (Helsinki) and Laëtitia Vu (Montreal).

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