• Military Bases: Environment and Geostrategic Impacts
    Data: 01/24/2021 - 18:00 UTC
    Duração : 90 min

    Alain Rouy (France), IPB Board Member and Movement de la Paix
    A-Young Moon (South Korea), IPB Council Member and PEACEMOMO
    Joe Lombardo (USA), The Unitd National AntiWar Colition (UNAC)
    Suzuyo Takazatu (Japan), Okinawa Peace Alliance (tbc)
    Moderator: Reiner Braun, IPB Executive Director and Campaign Stopp Air Base Ramstein
    More than 1000 military bases exist in the world, more than 800 are either under US or NATO command. What is the geostrategic impact of the military bases? What can we learn from the fights against military bases in Ramstein, Okinawa or South Korea. How we can convert military bases?

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