• Social Global Impact of George Floyd
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    Date: Samedi, janvier 30, 2021 - 20:00 UTC
    Durée: 90 min

    After 20 years of Social Action, the world finds itself in chaos wondering what went wrong and how did we end up with Georg Floyd incidents around the world, mini "Arab Springs" Black Swans? The African American Future Society invites you to a Futures panel on the Future of Black America and the Social Global Impact of George Floyd.

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    The Futures Forum
    Black Speculative Arts Movement

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    Domaine de l'activité: Anti-racism, Arts, Collaborative economy, Culture, Networking, Public administration, Public policies, Social economy, Social Inclusion, Social justice, Social movement, Spiritual, Systems, Technology, Youth
    Espace(s) thématique(s) de l'activité: Démocratie, Justice sociale
    Axe(s) transversal de l'activité: Racisme, Futur du FSM