• Military Spending Costs Us The Earth - GCOMS
    Date: Dimanche, janvier 24, 2021 - 17:00 UTC
    Durée: 90 min

    *TIME IS 16:00 UTC*
    Colin Archer (UK), former IPB Secretary‐General and Sean MacBride Peace Prize Winner
    Chloé Meulewaeter (Belgium), GCOMS Officer and Centre Delàs
    Francesco Vignarca (Italy), Italian Disarmament and Peace Network
    Tori Bateman (USA), American Friends Service Committee
    Quique Sánchez (Spain), Centre Delàs and GCOMS Officer
    Moderator: Jordi Calvo (Spain), IPB Vice-President and Centre Delàs
    In this session experts and activists of IPB's Global Campaign On Military Spending will discuss current levels of military spending globally from a critical perspective, arguing that ever-growing military power perpetuates and exacerbates conflicts and instability, does not provide security to people and prevents us from adequately dealing with the global challenges we're facing, as though climate change, pandemics or increasing inequality and migration.

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