• COVID and health systems around the world: how to reach social justice?
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    Date: Dimanche, janvier 24, 2021 - 15:00 UTC
    Durée: 60 min

    To start we will question all the speakers on how our way to treat nature is involved on this tragedy and how we can improve. After it, we will listen to different young doctors from developing countries who are dealing direct with the COVID. To end with the discussion, a professor from Brazil (UNICAMP) specialized in pandemic situations will be telling us more how developing countries can be more prepared for situations such as this.

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    This activity will be held by Global Youth Parliament and Future Team. The first organization is a worldwide organization whose goal is to create a youth parliament to think about solutions for our world problems, while Future Team's goal is to create a network for young people who already work with different projects in their countries.

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