• The Alternatives Project: Education Justice for Societal Transformation
    Date: Mardi, janvier 26, 2021 - 17:00 UTC
    Durée: 120 min

    The Alternatives Project (TAP) is an international and geographically diverse network of progressive academics, union members, civil society activists, and social movement participants concerned with building a global collective critical voice oriented towards education and societal transformation. As TAP’s first activity, we developed a sign-on Statement in multiple languages. We are about to launch our Statement. We have an initial signature list of about 100 like-minded people from around the world (including Noam Chomsky).The Statement details the issues our societies currently face and their intersections with the social, climate, economic, and political justice that education justice demands. Go to our website to read it and sign! This WSF session is an opportunity to discuss how to take action based on this agenda across our different contexts. (1st half translated, 2nd half English) Now is the moment! Educate, Organize, Agitate!

    Langue(s) de l'activité: Espagnol, Anglais, Français, Portuguais
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    Domaine de l'activité: Activism, Anti-racism, Climate action, Education, Equality, Gender equity, Movement organizing, Poverty, Social justice, Social movement
    Espace(s) thématique(s) de l'activité: Justice sociale, Justice économique, Éducation, communication et culture