• #GenNation Building - Youth Duties and Rights (YDR) in action
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    Fecha: Sábado, Enero 30, 2021 - 10:30 UTC
    Duración: 90 min
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    2020 has been a roller coaster for all of us and has tested us like never before! Amidst the thick of challenges when the present and future would seem bleak...our members and partners collaborated with large numbers of young people, demonstrating resilience and creating social hope across the country! And we couldn't be more grateful and proud for the innovative and courageous ways in which young people and youth workers have responded to the current context! However, our journey towards youth-led, youth-centric development won’t mean the same if this circle of collaboration and hope doesn’t keep growing.

    To begin this year with new energy and inspiration, we would love to have you join our journey celebrating #GenNation Building - Youth Duties and Rights (YDR) in Action. This is a VartaLeap event being held online on Saturday, 30th January, 2021, from 4.00 pm to 5:30 pm. (Register here)

    The objective of this event is to showcase Youth Duties and Rights in action. Many of the VartaLeap members and friends from other leading organisations will share their stories of institutional adoption of the YDR framework. It is a chance for a collective celebration of all young people and to enjoy experientially, what it means to live YDR every day! We are certain that participating in this event will help you come up with many innovative ideas to embed such practices in the spaces that you occupy and share with young people.

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