• Covideconomics for an Economy of Life and Climate Justice
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    Fecha: Viernes, Enero 29, 2021 - 14:00 UTC
    Duración: 120 min
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    The COVID-19 pandemic has produced an unprecedented human and economic catastrophe. Those in the socio-economic margins (the income-poor, women, people of colour) have been disproportionately affected, both in regard to contracting the disease and losing their livelihoods. The response of governments and their impacts have been uneven. Rich countries have announced an astounding US$11 trillion in support while many 'developing' countries are falling deeper into debt. Even as the pandemic has exposed the brokenness of the prevailing economic paradigm, it has slowed down climate change- causing emissions and offers an opportunity to radically rethink economic policies and systems with a view to building a more healthy, equitable, democratic, and sustainable planet. The online discussion will share experiences of communities, explore socio-economic, political and ecological dimensions, as well as lift up local and global proposals for an Economy of Life in a time of pandemic.

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    Alternative tourism group (ATG)/ Asian – pacific institute for integral studies of life/
    Columbia justice and life/ ecumenical academy Prague/
    Ecumenical service for socioeconomic transformation (ESSET)/
    European contact group on ecumenical social action (ECG)/
    Institute alternative policies for the southern cone of Latin American (PACS)/
    KAIROS EUROPA/kairos Palestine / kairos South Africa/
    Martin Luther king centre Cuba / network of liberation theology/
    North American covenanting for justice working group/
    Oikos theology movement in Korea (oikos Korea)/
    Pacific OIKOTREE strategy working committee (POSWC)/peace for life/
    Tanzania gender networking programmee (TGNP)
    Ecolife Centre, Tanzania
    United evangelical mission (UEM)/ urban community mission Jakarta
    Zambia OIKOTREE working group

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    4th Industrial Revolution, Artificial Intelligence and Climate Justice

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    Espacio temático transversal: Racismo, Genero, Pandemia